Friday, July 31, 2009

A moment of tension breaks into violent havoc. Lots of Muppet-like animals chopping each other up. It's pretty cool

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alright, the heading up there says Treader, doesn't it? That's the name of my mini-comic, and it's not the only thing I'll be posting about, but it's a good place to start.
This all began basically as a way for me to teach myself the more concrete details of the form of sequential storytelling, and of the amount of labor involved in each level of production on a comic. By doodling throughout lectures in my notebook at class, I first came up with the look of these anthropomorphic beings. It's not the type of story I will solely be doing in the future but for now it allows much freedom for experimentation.

Let me run down the concept right quick for you. This world is divided by groups or 'Clans,' many of them mirroring a different real-life society from actual history. Our main man- that's Huff, belonged to the warrior class of his very isolated Clan (the Treaders), until he unknowingly became part of a hoax so to speak, played out by their government. In exchange for his silence, and believed to be dead by the people of his Clan, he was allowed to be the first known Treader to depart from their city and go forth into the world. The series involves these journeys of Huff, encountering different alien cultures and ways in lands he was never before allowed knowledge of.

The pages presented here are from the latest work. In this piece, entitled 'Along A Lonesome Coast,' Huff encounters Moai-like statues upon a seemingly deserted tropical island at night.
(One last thing, I know you're saying -"What the hell are they? They look like dogs or rabbits." Well they're armadillos, sir. You don't think they look anything like that, you say? Well, get off my back, would you? Today I've already had to settle up the bills, change the cat litter, look for a memory card for my camera, take the trash out, change my wiper fluid, go in to work to vote for my union reps, and clean out the fridge and now you don't think they look like fucking armadillos??? Well, that's the best fucking kind I could draw. It's been hard enough just to get to this point even. So there)